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Kept By Him (2013)

Kept by Him (2013)
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Kept By Him (2013)
Kept By Him (2013)

About book: Daniel who is the brother of Chloe (from book 1) is a playboy and not good at keeping woman. He likes to play but does not like to stay. His long time friend Monica asks for his help. She has been having problems in the bedroom and she wants her friend to see what he could do to help her get out of her head while having sex. The problem was once they get a taste for each other they did not want to stop. Of course there are problems - Daniel with commitment and Monica believing that he could commit but also her ex boyfriend. Monica is looking for a father figure who can provide her with stability and help her with her business. She did not think Daniel fit the bill. He was a great friend but she was not sure that they could build a relationship. But they have sex and more sex and fall in love and live happily ever after.I read this as an ebook travelling across Europe. I thought the book before this one was my favorite in this series, but that was until I read this one. Red Garnier is fast becoming one of my favorite authors.Daniel and Monica were friends - both secretly in love with the other. They both hide under a facade to keep their feelings hidden from the public. When they come together as a couple, they are explosive ... scorching hot and their happily ever after inevitable.
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Another fabulous addition to the series! Enjoyed it thoroughly & looking forward to the next one!
Really enjoyed this one a lot, lots of chemistry and a lovely story :-)
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