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Keys To Love (2010)

Keys to Love (2010)
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Keys To Love (2010)
Keys To Love (2010)

About book: I loved this series. Getting to revisit couples from previous books was great. I really like Morgan and Julian. I truly enjoyed most of the book, but If I am going to be honest, the ending did not work for me. The villain was who I expected, but the reason for his actions seemed juvenile. I also didn't like Morgan's total and easy acceptance of being supported by Jules. The final scene, however, was good. Although I would have preferred some things shake out differently, it was still a fun read. I really liked this one. If I woulda read it right after No Fear, I may not have thought the same thing tho. Since I had many many months since I last seen these guys it was great to see them all again. :)Julian & Morgan had kinda an insta love thing going on but it's all good. They seemed to fit together perfectly and right from the start. Some of the money issues for Morgan well how he went about things aggravated me a bit & Julian didn't hesitate to help out. (which maybe when you have that much cash you don't even have to think twice about things like that.) The Auction tho...SO FUN!!! One book closer to finishing up another series I've started...woo!
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I am so happy Julian got his own story. And what an amazing one it was :)
It was ok i still love Evan And Jesse morgan sound to me like fake
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