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Kids Are Americans Too (2007)

Kids Are Americans Too (2007)

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0060846763 (ISBN13: 9780060846763)
william morrow

About book Kids Are Americans Too (2007)

I originally thought this book was for parents, so I was slightly surprised when I started reading this book and realized it was addressing teenagers. Nonetheless, it was very enjoyable.Although the cover might dissuade some from even touching the book, O'Reilly presents information about legal rights in an engaging format that I think can get almost any teenager hooked.The best part about the book was, without a doubt, the court cases and incidents that he uses as examples to explain the constitutional rights of minors in schools and in their households. There definitely were surprises there. I also really liked how he only presented his personal opinion after presenting the story, giving you unbiased facts and letting you make your own opinion first.If you don't mind a little bit of lecturing, I definitely recommend you check it out.

A well-written book for children that I also shared with mine while driving as I also own the CD version. My daughters, teens at the time, recognized themselves in the advice and did not necessarily agree or like what they heard. It was especially poignant in the chapter that dealt with death as two of their friends' fathers passed away. Bill O'Reilly is most passionate when it comes to children and he champions them on every issue he can. This endeavor is to reach as many children as he can so they may, at least, hear common sense and differentiate between right and wrong in their young lives.

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