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King And Maxwell (2013)

King and Maxwell (2013)

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1455521310 (ISBN13: 9781455521319)
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About book King And Maxwell (2013)

the title says it all - plus another character, edgar roy king and maxwell encounter a young teenager tyler wingo running down the street with a gun they follow him to discover that his father has just been killed in afghanistan - or has he?they r hired to solve the case after tyler receives an e mail from his father, sent after the day he was aid to have died soon it is clear that this is something even more sinister when those in power seem intent on removing them at any cost. h/w they persevere which not puts their own lives at risk but leads to a frightening conclusion only one question - what was tyler running down the street with his father's gun? bev I listened to the audiobook over my phone on the Over Drive App. I checked it out from my library for free. Most of the action takes place in DC and northern Virginia. I live in northern Virginia and work for the federal government in DC. The plot covers government conspiracies and recent events overseas (Iran Contra). So the subject matter was close to home. Very action packed throughout. I understand there was a movie or tv show about King and Maxwell. I never saw it. I may have to try and find it now and check out how authentic it may have been to the book.

Do You like book King And Maxwell (2013)?

There are enough twist and turns to keep you constantly guessing what is going to happen next.

Recommended for the Librarian's List by Blair-Preston Public Library (Blair, Wisconsin).

Thriller and intrigue from the beginning.

This would make a great movie!


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