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King Cobra (2013)

King Cobra (2013)
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1619213389 (ISBN13: 9781619213388)
Samhain Publishing
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King Cobra (2013)
King Cobra (2013)

About book: A little too angsty for me, seemed like it was trying too hard. This is the first book in the Powertools spinoff series and if you've read the PT you know everything goes sexually. After Alanso and Eli visited the PT crew, each started wondering if they could forge something similar with their Hot Rods team. I felt like Eli talked/thought/guilted way too much for it to be enjoyable although once Eli and Alonso got past that, it was ok, at least until they messed up with Sally who they both wanted. This was so-so for me. I love Jayne's books! So much. And waiting for each one feels like torture. This one has been on my mind since the end of the Power Tool series (which, if you haven't read, you should go read it now!). She teased you a little about the characters that start this new Hot Rods series...which of course makes the wait pure torture. But it was worth the wait.This story was heartfelt and I loved the characters. I can't wait to see how the rest of the series unfolds and to get to know ALL the Hot Rods... I know this series is going to be as good as the Power Tools series. Now to wait 40 more days for Mustang Sally to release....sigh....Jayne is a terrible tease!
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Eli LandonAlanso DiazRead 14th May 2013
Looking forward to Mustang Sally
dnf....not my cuppa tea.
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