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King Of The Screwups (2009)

King of the Screwups (2009)

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About book King Of The Screwups (2009)

King of the Screwups is a very different book from what most of us are used to reading. It has the difficult story of a boy in a bad relationship with his father, with deep undertones of societal discrimination. If you ignore the story (which I wouldn't suggest, it's phenomenal), then you can read in between the lines to find the statements the author is making on discrimination. Uncle Pete is gay, and is hated by his town and most of his family for it. Darleen is a smart woman in a small town of sexists,you can imagine the way she was treated. The author was making a statement about the injustice of the world by making the main character not care about whether or not someone was gay or a woman, a role model for the way we should view others. The story itself is touching and funny, as a popular kid tries to become unpopular, and fails at it. I think it was an excellent story about a young man going through some rough times. It's not a book that would appeal to an older adult or a younger teen, but the 17-18 age group especially a senior would benefit tremendously from reading it. Liam Geller is a great protagonist and all of the challenges he faces are very easy to relate too. It's an awesome, inspirational book that makes you see the bright side of things even when you're in a dark place. Finding yourself is usually the biggest challenge people my age face and sometimes we feel like we walk that path alone. This book lets you know that other people have been there and prospered from the challenges put in front of them.

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Had potential, but this story wasn't great. I don't think Liam was very realistic at all.

I really enjoyed this book.I would give it at least four and a half maybe even five stars.

This is such an amazing book that teaches us that we should BE OUR SELVES!!!!!!!!

From beginning to end, I loved this book. That is all.

Thoroughly enjoyed this book!

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