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Kiss Of The Goblin Prince (2012)

Kiss of the Goblin Prince (2012)
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Kiss Of The Goblin Prince (2012)
Kiss Of The Goblin Prince (2012)

About book: I picked the first book in this series as a freebie on Amazon because of the cover art and I was looking for a paranormal romance novella. I liked it, but didn't immediately rush out to get the rest of the series. I have never read anything about Goblins and have never seen Labyrinth (a lot of other reviewers have), so I really had no frame of reference for this story. Overall, I liked it and this was my favorite book in the series. I liked the writing style, the characters, and that it wasn't your usual vampire and shifter fare. The thing I found most appealing was the nontraditional ending! WOAH! A romance novel where they DON'T automatically sign on for a happily ever after? They agree to just date?? And, for REALLY good reasons?? YES!!! THANK YOU!!!! More Goblin adventures, and though Dai is a little hard to like, I loved the introduction of Birch Trustees. I am hopeful we may see more of them. I love that these books are set in beautiful Perth, but am disappointed that Husk has used the Americanised versions of words. I know it's to sell the books overseas, but it always amuses me that Australian authors change their voices to be able to sell to Americans, but it's never reciprocated.
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I liked Dai in the first book and fell for him all over again in this one.A good read!
the the cheesiest thing EVER.
Liked the hero. Heroine...meh
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