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Kiss The Sky (2014)

Kiss the Sky (2014)

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0989339289 (ISBN13: 9780989339285)
K.B. Ritchie

About book Kiss The Sky (2014)

I like the Richard and Rose pair. Their bantering with each other was so adorable. I just hope some scenes were not included. And that Scott needs to learn a lesson for what he did. Ugh. I don't know if I will read the story of Lily and Loren & Daisy and Ryke. It's not that I don't like to know what happened to happened. It's just that I'm not fond of reading the story of the other characters in the first book that I read. OMG, I loved EVERYTHING about this book. Connor is such a lovable jerk lol it was very obvious that he cares for Rose a great deal even though she seemed to fight both him and her own emotions at every available turn. I loved seeing the group all together again and I thought that the reality tv approach was really original, I've never read another series that included that particular approach to a storyline. I thought the Ritchie sisters kept the story interesting, everything in the story developed really organically without feeling rushed and I thought the character reactions were appropriate. I loved watching Rose and Connor's relationship blossom. My favorite thing about this story though was the fact that it had such a strong h. Rose is smart, and makes rational decisions--most of the time-- I think that is so refreshing. Lately tons of books have been centered around a weak h with no real purpose or opinion on anything. That is totally NOT Rose Calloway. She's very strong willed and opinionated to a fault at times but I would much rather read about a stubborn h with goals and opinions than what I've been coming across. Can't wait to read about more of these two!

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3.5 stars! Love Rose and Connor's relationship dynamics. By far the best book in the series so far.

I just couldn't get into it, so it wasn't my type of book. However others might like

Loveeeed this book!!! Connor and rose are amazing!!!

3.75 stars

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