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Kitty (1979)

Kitty (1979)

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I really enjoyed this book. It's a short and sweet little treat that can easily be read in one sitting. It's the story of Kitty, a very naive young thing, who has a decidedly middle-class upbringing but learns upon her father's death that she is very rich indeed. Her mother--who had always been social climber--is determined to marry her off to a man with a title. She does, of course, to a Baron. But the Baron, Peter Chesworth, thinking that Kitty is in on the marrying-for-money ruse, is a cad and a brute to poor Kitty. Chesney actually reveals quite early on that Peter isn't really a bad guy, once he realizes that Kitty is an unwitting pawn in her mother's (and her mother's new society "friend"'s)game.But, all of the society folk are against Kitty anyway considering her "shopgirl" roots. To top it off, someone seems to be trying to kill Kitty. So many suspects--her own mother, her husband's jilted lover, someone from her old life, someone from her new life, even her husband...A bit of a piece of fluff, as you can see, but I really wanted to see how it turned out (though I guessed the resolution to the mystery long before it was revealed). I liked Chesney's writing; she creates compelling characters, most of whom are not too flat (or at least have something interesting about them).I will probably read more of these, but probably from the library. They are not really the kind of book I'd invest a lot of money in, even though I did like it quite a lot.

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