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Kitty's House Of Horrors (2010)

Kitty's House of Horrors (2010)

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0446199559 (ISBN13: 9780446199551)
Grand Central Publishing

About book Kitty's House Of Horrors (2010)

I don't even have a shelf marked "horror". I just don't read that genre. I don't like vampire books, I don't swoon over werewolves. I can't explain how this book popped into my hands and was read pretty much nonstop over the past couple of days.As usual with books in a series, this is...somewhere WAY past the first book featuring Kitty Norville, radio host and werewolf, but I had no trouble following the backstory or enjoying (even though I shouldn't) the traditional "omigd, here we are, trapped in a remote location, and someone or something is bent on killing us off".I didn't flinch at the violence (and there was a lot of it, but it wasn't, like, lovingly drawn out. Plus I might just have skipped a few paragraphs along the way).I did like Kitty.Heaven help me, I may be looking for more books in this series. Have I been...turned?? It's been a long time since I read a Kitty book and now I remember why. Gone is the emotionally charged plot whose outcome can end up dramatically changing Kitty's life. In its place is an action packed gore-fest filled with two dimensional characters whose only purpose is to add to the body count.The only parts of the book I enjoyed was Kitty's radio show which is still funny, a few quite moments with Ben and the epilogue which is really a teaser for things to come.

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Review to come.There was just so much death! :/

This book had me on my toes the whole time.

Kitty rocks!!!


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