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Kralların Yolu (2014)

Kralların Yolu (2014)
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Kralların Yolu (2014)
Kralların Yolu (2014)

About book: Good story with interesting ideas. Main shortcoming is that it takes A LONG time for it to get going - if you can make it past the first 800 pages, the remaining 3 or 400 are rather enjoyable. The writing style is kind of choppy at times and the overuse of italics / emphases is kind of annoying. Not much in the way of character development either. The characters are fairly one dimensional and by the half-way point you can more or less predict how each character will respond to major events. All in all, I enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to the next book. I pretty much love everything this guy does, even if the description sounds ridiculous. I stopped reading this one at first because real life got in the way and the opening scenes were off-puttingly violent and cryptic. Luckily for me, I picked it back up. How does this guy do it? He publishes like a mad man, but none of his books feel rushed or sloppy, and though there are some fundamental similarities between his worlds, nothing feels stale or repetitive.
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I liked this story a lot, the spren and their relationships to magical works is very engaging.
Love the world, love the characters...starting the next book right now!
LOVED this book.
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