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Krinos (2014)

Krinos (2014)

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1499345763 (ISBN13: 9781499345766)

About book Krinos (2014)

I felt detached from the book. It started abruptly and just continued like we knew beforehand what was happening. Once the story unraveled things were told that made sense. I just didnt like how the story began. Eliza(Krinos) is the daughter a drug lord and is about to take over the family business. Most people dont want her holding power because of her being a woman. So, they try to do any and everything to make her stop. She is this rugged detached girl that holds no punches. Then we meet Stefanos the right hand man of Krinos father. She doesn't want to like him, so she just uses him for sex. He pursues her relentless and stops at nothing so she knows it.I would have loved the story more, but something was missing. I didnt like how the story was told. However I will read the next book because this book wasn't bad it just could have been told differently and I want to know what is going to happen next. DAMN !! Wish I had read this sooner !! I loved this book , the series , the characters , the storyline and everything in between.Krinos , Eliza , is raw and gritty , she is rude , speaks her mind and is one tough chick. A force to be reckon with on the verge of taking over her father's empire. This story is about her journey with Stefanos and how they make names for themselves in their crazy world of drugs , guns , sex and violence. Some business associates are not too keen on a woman taking control but no worries here , Krinos is able to put an end to those concerns by either easing their minds or ending their lives. A strong bond is forming between her and Stefanos and it is super hot to read about and I definitely look forward to more about them. Stefanos is a super hot alpha male but Krinos has him on his knees more than once !! Finally a chick who can be in charge and get what is hers. Great quick read full of action and suspense. The cover is stunning it really does represent the book so well !!

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DNF @11%The writing was awful. I felt like I was reading a story written by a first grader.

I liked it but I think the characters needed more depth more development.

Absolutely fantastic but just way too short.

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