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Kırık Dökük Yaslar (2013)

Kırık Dökük Yaslar (2013)

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Sonsuz Kitap

About book Kırık Dökük Yaslar (2013)

I liked it - in fact, I liked most of the book a lot - but it needs a Clear Play version where the racy scenes are cut out. The storyline and history were great; I loved hearing about how the hierarchy of those in service works compared to their British counterparts, the ridiculous rules they must follow, and the fierce competition to be on the top. The wedding night scene where the groom undresses the bride article of clothing by article of clothing was unnecessary, like most sex scenes in movies, and not something I would expect in a Christian novel. The plot can move (and often flows better) without it!Were it not for the soft porn, I'd have bumped the rating up at least one level, since it was an enthralling book. What a lovely historical romance. You could sense the research that went into the writing of this book, and to be honest I loved that even more than the romance! This is one of those books where the pleasure comes from anticipating the way it will unfold, and then soaking up the details as it does. The details of the period were worked into the story without infodumping, and it was a quick, enjoyable read.

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I enjoyed the characters and the plot in this one. Had a moment of crying too.

Super awesome book set in Asheville, NC at the Biltmore Estate!

Pretty pedestrian and easy to read historical love story.

Great story. Love the hero in this

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