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Körpermagie (2014)

Körpermagie (2014)

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This book had a few qualities I love finding in m/m romances—a romantic lead that's not cookie-cutter white (not one of the main couple, but still a main character), a mixing up the standard sex roles (letting the little guy top), etc. And I honestly found the writing less stiff and off-putting than in book one, though I still think names were used too often in dialogue. So, for the right reader this will probably be a real winner.However, despite involving werewolves, mages and vampires it still felt very, very much like the main focus of the book was domesticity. A LOT of time is spent watching Simon marvel at how wonderful it is to suddenly find himself part of a family, or how much he now loves Gray, or what it feels like to suddenly realise he's a stepfather, etc. Which is fine, of course, but not what I would have expected from the synopsis.Further, and even more irritating, Cade and Rocky, who I thought the book would be about, are mere side characters and their romance is little more than a distraction. I felt the same way about the 'danger to the pack' subplot. It was barely hinted at and overcome easily. Again, the main plot was happy homemaking. And unfortunately I'm just not into that. The connection between Rocky and Cade is so cool to see. The fact that they have their ups and downs like everyone else is interesting. You wouldn't think shifters who are well aware of their place in society would have these kinds of ups and downs. To see Rocky's attitude go from indifferent to the clan that he is helping to install the security stuff to proud and wanting to join them is awesome. Rocky needed to get out from under his oppressive Alpha's thumb and become his own man. Then the surprise attack at the end from an unknown group brings out more than just one man's good character. I'm looking forward to the last book.

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