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La Curiosité Est Un Vilain Défaut (2014)

La curiosité est un vilain défaut (2014)

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J'ai Lu

About book La Curiosité Est Un Vilain Défaut (2014)

This book is worth far more thank 5 stars!!!! It was magnificent! The longing/wanting/need was conveyed to perfection! Someone mentioned breathlessness and yes!! That too!!! I LOVED the characters honesty. Pippa was straightforward and honest throughout the book and I think it was one of the things that made me love every second of this story! Cross was the perfect match for her. He is going into my category of "great leading male" This book is now on my "favourites shelf" and as I had originally bought this series for the next book... I am now unsure of how Ms. MacLean is going to top this! This book could've easily been cut to half its length if the useless five to seven earlier filler chapters could be removed. I assure you, it would not make a single difference in the progress of the storyline.I did not care (1) for the premise of the book, (2) the excessive, unnecessary oddness of the heroine, and (3) the noble, sacrificial personality of the hero. I was cringing throughout the beginning of the book, bored out of my mind in the middle and gagging from the utter cheesiness of it all towards the end of it.

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I absolutely love the women in this series. They grow to amazing strengths. The men are just yummy.

A good book, great tale and some beautiful characters. A tipically love story.

My one complaint would be that the woman on the cover wasn't wearing glasses!

Lovely fluff


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