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La Dieta Del Supermetabolismo (2014)

La dieta del supermetabolismo (2014)

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About book La Dieta Del Supermetabolismo (2014)

I liked the writing style. Makes it easy and fun to read however, the kindle version is poorly organized, and the instructions are vague. The book does not clearly explain the portion sizes or exactly how to begin. It just lists the foods on the appropriate phases, and shows some charts as an example, that I was unable to read on the kindle. I had to research the internet for details.The diet: Screams fad to me. And the diet encourages you to overload on water which is dangerous! I tried it for a couple of weeks and lost weight rapidly. The diet has so many restrictions that anyone is bound to lose weight fast. Low carbs and low sodium while overloading on water will yield fast results, but I'm not sure it's the healthiest option for me. I drank all the recommended water, but I got sick and became over hydrated and dizzy with body cramps for a long time afterwards. My doctor advised me against drinking all that water. Too bad I trusted the book, and I found out the hard way.And I felt dizzy the whole time I was on the diet. I'm a strong believer of everything in moderation. I should have trusted my instincts. Interesting book on a different approach to weight management. Pomroy says calories do not matter because each person has a slightly different level of efficiency in burning energy and, therefore, would have use calories differently. Her approach is to consider that efficiency and to manipulate metabolism by using food as a medication. She has a reasonable science background that gives her some credibility and uses a sensible sounding method.

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Great book. This is the way we should be eating to be healthy anyway.

Book on CD. Rating based on the fact that it got me to try the diet!

Patron Review:A complicated diet plan, but interesting theory.

I'm all in tomorrow. Check back with me in 4 weeks.

Not sure what I think yet...

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