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La Fille De L'empereur (2014)

La fille de l'empereur (2014)

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About book La Fille De L'empereur (2014)

The research that Jeannie Lin does for her books is incredible and makes the reader feel as if they could be part of the story. Characters were true to life and the plot well placed in the realm of the setting. The story gives the reader a glimpse of a time that we could very well have lived ourselves with that hint of superstition and heroics just because the heroics must exist. Make sense?Read the story and you should "get it". If your IQ is below 70, stick with Cat in the Hat.Great read! This is the second book I've read by Jeannie Lin. I actually read the second book of the series first. Haha, oh well. Anyways, this was a good read. I did like it, but took me a while to get into it. I'm not sure why, but it felt slow to me at times. Perhaps I was waiting for Li Tao to make his glorious entrance. ^.^ Yes, there was a lot action and sword play and kissing and touching, but to me it felt really slow. Slow, but good. I'm not making any sense.Reading the second book was a double-edged sword for me. On one hand it made this book more interesting to see Ai Li's side of the tale that Li Tao told. I had wondered why Ai Li fled and how she met the "barbarian", Ryam. However, it ruined some aspects for me. In my mind I kept defended Li Tao and whatnot even though he was suppose to be the baddie of this book. It ruined the mystery of him. I would recommend to read the first book before divining into the second book. I really liked how Jeannie Lin really focused on honor and family in this one, because those are highly Chinese morals and I'm really glad that it was so hard for Ai Li and Ryam to get together, because of Ai Li's strong sense of honor and family whilst Ryam is just a wanderer and doesn't really have morals but to his legion back west. It was really an interesting and original tale. Even though I really liked this book, I couldn't help but compare it with the second of the series 'The Dragon and the Pearl' which I simply adored! What really lowered my like of this book was my love for Li Tao, there was no other real reason but that. It's pretty sad. Overall, I liked this book but not as much as the second one. It was a fun adventure and I did like Ai Li and Ryam, but just not as much as Suyin and Li Tao. I would say to read this one first before venturing to the second book of the series. However, this book does stand well as a stand-alone book, because there is no real cliff hanger and I liked it. After reading this, I want to re-read the second book. Haha. Well, I would recommend this those that love a good historical romance, for those looking for a different read (this was set in Tang Dynasty China), and for those that like a little adventure mixed in with their romances. In the end, I grant this 4 stars. Favorite Character(s): Ai Li, Ryam, Adrian, Li Tao, and Suyin.Not-so Favorite Character(s): Emperor Shen (I liked him more at the end)

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I really, really loved this book! I think new writer Lin has a bright future.

I loved the setting, but everything else felt formulaic.

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