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La Increíble Historia De... La Dentista Demonio (2014)

La increíble historia de... La dentista demonio (2014)

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About book La Increíble Historia De... La Dentista Demonio (2014)

I was curious to read this to see what David Walliams' writing was like, and really, any excuse for an easy-to-digest kids book is fine by me. I was suitably impressed. There are some great characters, really vivd and brought-to-life right off the page - Winnie and her respective reactions to chocolate and coffee, Gabz and her tomboy grace, even Mr Grey is absolutely as you think he should be.The story also impressed me because whilst it is silly and fun, a bit of an adventure with witches and capitalising on every kid's (and most adults) hatred of the dentist, there's no shying away from the tough stuff. The boy is living in poverty trying to care for his dad, he's not keen on the nosy social worker at first, and things are building towards a pretty dramatic conclusion.I really enjoyed it, even though I'm far too old for it. I think there were a few bits and pieces for adults peppered in there, though. Revels and the "not for turning" quote spring to mind. Not as good as the others! The second half of the book seems as if it has been hurried through or written by someone else. I do not shy from reality in my children's books but this could be quite disturbing for some little ones (life/ death/ pain). I didn't quite get the character of the Tooth Witch, not as realistic as some of Walliams other characters and the ending no,no,no all wrong. Where is Raj going to go from here? Have we lost him? Please no! Walliams other books have been admirable because they take children with issues and light them up to be inspirational, you could argue that happens in this book too, but too much fantasy and not not enough reality for me (but then I am 46 and not 10!)

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Read this with my 8 year old daughter. She loved it, I found it really gruesome. Yuck!

Sad at the end But it is really good


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