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La Increíble Historia De... La Dentista Diabólica (2014)

La increíble historia de... La dentista diabólica (2014)
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Montena México
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La Increíble Historia De... La Dentis...
La Increíble Historia De... La Dentista Diabólica (2014)

About book: Children book &tv week Today i gone for a modern day author of children books DEMON DENTIST BY DAVID WALLIAMS THE BLURB The new jaw-achingly funny novel from David Walliams, the number one bestselling author! Make your appointment if you dare…Darkness had come to the town. Strange things were happening in the dead of night. Children would put a tooth under their pillow for the tooth fairy, but in the morning they would wake up to find… a dead slug; a live spider; hundreds of earwigs creeping and crawling beneath their pillow.Evil was at work. But who or what was behind it…?Read this book and find out!WHAT I SAY I got to say i never read any of David Walliams books before he just like Roald Dahl to meHe completely understand how kids think he a story teller it was just a fun packed read . It so funny it may be aim at 9 year old and above but i an way past that i just enjoy this book so much you will to it fab In the book David makes up words he put a warning at the bottom of the page ' made up word alert ' he wrote them in the story so well I liked the front of the book you can see all the characters Alfie 12 years old he lives with his dad his mum die when he was younger he now the sole carer for his dad he in a wheel chair his dad calls him Pup which was nice the relationship they had was so cool both loved each other so much both all ways there for each other How Alfie took care of his dad was brilliant . So much love show it was very touching to read . Alfie hates dentist he not been for years he hides letter about it high up so his dad can not get them he had a tooth took out and it was so painful or i should say not took out well he never going again to one One day at school a new dentist mrs Roots showed up she going to make Alfie go to her soon things started to happen to the children of the school at night when they put the teeth under the pillows no tooth fairies or money from them Omg look what they get left ? What could be going on ? Can Alfie work it out? Winnie a social worker put on the case to get Alfie to go to mrs roots(mummy) as she likes to be called it just so funny what happens to then you got read it i do not want to tell Winner so funny she a bigger lady but loves to eat nice things (choc bis) she very much a stereotype of social worker i just like her she was so much fun her underwear made me laugh the humour just spot on Raj was so fun too he owner the corner shop he was such a great character he was all way there to help he was so kind to Alfie and his dad I not sure how he keeps his shop going but he was so kind he helps all the kids i think i should say they look up to him Gaz his friend from school she was just a girl she not got many friends but she so nice to Alfie they seem to hit it off may be his girlfriend ? Texting boy i think brought the book up to date kids always on their mobile phones just texting so much The illustrations are on most pages they just help to bring to book to life It a very well written book David got a very vivid imagination i enjoy it so much i could not but it down It got comedy, horror ,fun, some black comedy mixed in with a bit of sadness All the characters are fun you could relate to them all they all got there own great personalitiesIt a amazing book i loved it Just a fab book you all should any age i say but very young children may never want to a dentist again after reading this book ABOUT THE AUTHOR Since 2008 David Walliams has taken the children’s literary world by storm. His most recent book RATBURGER, immediately went to no.1 in the children’s chart, while the PB of his previous title, GANGSTA GRANNY, currently dominates the UK charts and has sold over 100,000 PBs on top of 370,000+ HBs and 36,000 ebooks (Bookscan July 2013). Today, David is the fastest growing Children’s author in the UK. His books have been translated into 30+ languages and sold over 2 million copies in the UK alone. 7 year old's review: "This book is a lesson about how you should care about your teeth, but it is sad too. Well, I think that this book is also a lesson that it is ok to be a boy who has a friend that's a girl, and vice versa, without that person being your boy/girlfriend. I also think you should always believe in the power of your imagination. I think you should read this book soon because it is great and you shouldn't get too sad about the sad parts."
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It's really good and it shows that seem perfectly normal are perfectly unusual
Good read but seemed unnecessarily dark and wasn't convinced by the ending.
excellent from start to finishfinger licking literature fantastic
An amazing book for those who like comedy horror stories.
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