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La Oscuridad Muestra Las Estrellas (2013)

La Oscuridad Muestra Las Estrellas (2013)

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Ministry of Lost Souls

About book La Oscuridad Muestra Las Estrellas (2013)

I thought this was a really good book. The beginning (in my opinion) was a little slow, but it was worth it in the end. I've never read Jane Austen's "Persuasion" before, but this story makes me want to read it. I'll admit, I'm not a big sci-fi/futuristic literature fan, but this book was an exception. After my friend read it, she told me I must read it too. I did, and am glad of it! Even though it did take me awhile to finish it, I was happy that I read it after all. I really liked the main character Elliot North. Fans of futuristic and Classic literature will certainly enjoy this book! I was at first reluctant to read this book because I was so busy and just thought this would be like all those novels that were an okay read but not memorable. This book took me by surprise! I just could not put it down and ended up finishing it 2 hours later. I am someone who when reading a book, really immerses themselves into it and to be one with a character, especially an amazing one like Elliot. Elliot is such a phenomenal character! She is brave and has felt the need her whole life to care for others first and foremost before herself. Right of the bat I shipped Elliot and Kai together. The whole letters/gliders thing that went back and forth between them was so very cute. It was also sometimes a nice breather from the dramas in the present. There were a lot of moments where I disliked Kai and absolutely hated Olivia but without those parts I would not have enjoyed this book as much as I did. Going back to the point on being one with the character, I found it absolutely heartbreaking and mean that the author kept on giving me a reason to believe Kai still liked her but then the next minute he hated her. The back and forth between emotions was just so frustrating that one point I had to stop take a breather and ask myself is it worth putting myself through all this emotional distraught over a book. My answer was yes. This is not a book where I could just stop go on wikipedia and read the synopsis or flip to the ending of the book. I had to go live through the whole experience in my head to really feel good and have closure. The wait was worth it, even If I had to wait 43 chapters.Generally I love a sappy book, a mystery, an action-packed book. This book was none of that. It had the perfect amount of everything to reel you in and at the last second shut you out again. This book took me on a roller coater ride into a dystopian world full of injustice and needing a hero like Elliot to give it hope. This may appear to be a retelling of Jane Austen's book "Persuasion" but it is a whole lot more and my words definitely do not do this novel justice.

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It took me awhile to understand in the beginning but a brilliant novel.

overall the book was good i just wished it had more Kai and less farm

I really enjoyed this one!

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