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La Princesa De Los Lobos (2013)

La princesa de los lobos (2013)

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La Galera

About book La Princesa De Los Lobos (2013)

Sophie and her two friends, Marianne and Delphine, are abandoned on a train on a school trip to Russia. Wandering out into the forest, they search for somewhere to stop. They find a pretty little hut and are soon rescued by Princess Anna, who takes them to her palace. She tells them stories of lost diamonds, and how she desperately needs them to give to the general. Sophie finds the diamonds and gives them to her, but it turns out Princess Anna is not what she seems...This book was quite good, but I thought it contained too much dialogue. There was talking on every page, and it didn't explain the environment very well. I was unable to form the picture of the palace in my head, because the description wasn't very good, and dialogue can't make that picture. I would have liked to imagine myself in the winter forest in Russia, but it didn't really give any description, which was a shame. Sophie has always wanted a home. A place were she feels safe, not like she is just being annoying. But when she goes on a school trip with her 2 best friends, she might just find a place for her. So with her 2 friends and a new one by her side she will have an amazing adventure. Then, it will be time to discover the palaces most darkest secrets. The wolf princess is about friendship, loneliness, and new found friends.

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Really enjoyed this book. Reminded me a bit of Disney's Anastasia.

Loved it! It seemed like it was a story of Indy, Mac and I.

good read for the young who like a mystery

A perfect read for winter.

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