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La Promessa - L'incontro (2013)

La promessa - L'incontro (2013)

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Newton Compton

About book La Promessa - L'incontro (2013)

I waited too long to review this book after I read it because I couldn't decide how to go about it-- do I rate it as I do any book, or do I rate it an erotica novel (of which I have limited experience). What I can tell you is that this book is 90% erotica and 10% fiction, so there remains very little to be reviewed. If you're looking for a kinky read though, this book is literally sex scene after sex scene in almost every way you could want it (or maybe I'm just naive). I bought this book because I'd heard about it online and it was 2.99 on Barnes and Noble and I had a $3 credit from some ebook settlement, and at least for an entertaining read, it did not disappoint. To start, the writing irked me, though this may be partially because its written in British English and I'm from the US. A specific example was the phrase "over glasses of fluids various". That's just not something that reads right to me and that arrangement of words appeared multiple times. I also had to look up the phrase "spent a penny" and after knowing what it means, I don't understand why it had to be included in the novel at least three times. Things that were not so British: she also referred to the bite of gin as a "silvery ferociousness" which I found a little comical. And I highlighted this time-setting gem: "the morning after the night before". For what it was, the author made an attempt to create a compelling backstory, at least some of the time, albeit pretty far into the novel. While trying to add depth to the novel, I think Da Costa just made it harder for more readers to relate because none of the characters are particularly interesting or unique until you get to Brent-- the heroine's depressed gay best friend/ex lover/roommate who also happened to be a sex worker on the side when he was strapped for cash. Other than being a cautioning word at the beginning of the novel however, he doesn't really become relevant until the book starts gasping for some plot lines to link the sex scenes together, and then he becomes indispensable. The book reminded me too much of Fifty Shades without Christian Grey's deliciousness, but maybe it's just because that was my first erotica and what I know to look for. Maybe this book would've done more for someone whose had a Pretty Woman fantasy, but it just came across as a funny, light read, which I don't think is what Ms. Da Costa intended. Say you're in a hotel bar one night, trying to relax a little and perhaps escape a dull party. An attractive man spots you, buys you a drink, and then invites you up to his room. Before you can assume it's a generic pick-up, he mentions payment. You realize that he thinks you are an escort. What do you do?Lizzie decides to toss aside her otherwise fairly staid and predictable life and head upstairs with the delectably gorgeous John Smith. She figures a night of hot headboard rocking sounds pretty darn fabulous, so off they go. John reveals that he occasionally enjoys spicing up his sexy times with a little spanky panky, and Lizzie is amenable. When he suggests hiring her again, she agrees, fully intending to let him in on the truth about her not really being an escort.For his part, John is drawn to Lizzie. He suspects she is new to the escorting business, but her lack of experience turns him on even more. And when John Smith is turned on, sexy times ensue. These two don't just rock the headboard, they rock a bathroom stall. Amongst other locales.Don't go looking for a lot of substance here. This book is what it is, and that's hot. HOT, I tell you. John and Lizzie know how to enjoy the carnality out of each other, and Portia Da Costa can write some hot headboard rocking, let me tell you.This is the first in a series, and if the rest of them are this steamy, consider me sold.Thanks to NetGalley for the preview.Published on cupcake's book [email protected]

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Mmmh, abbastanza noiosetto dal 60% in poi devo dire... sviluppatevi, ragazzi, per l'amore del cielo.

I enjoyed the book. I love the December, May romances. I look forward to the next book.

Good book enjoyed reading!

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