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La Promessa. L'incontro (2013)

La promessa. L'incontro (2013)

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8854154822 (ISBN13: 9788854154827)
Newton Compton

About book La Promessa. L'incontro (2013)

Portia da Costa is one of the best author of erotica in my opinion. Her books are not for the faint of the heart. As hot and dirty as it can get. For this specific trilogy I highly recommend the Audible version of the books. Imogen Church is the narrator and she really makes the listening experience of this erotica story unforgettable. Hot is not enough to describe how you will feel listening to this book. Better have hubby/partner/bf/gf handy just in case. LOL. I was pleasantly surprised by this book. The story starts out with us being more introduced to Lizzie a women who has had several life's challenges. You learn that she has not done many things for herself. Lizzie and her roommate are attending a party and Lizzie after being bored she decides to steps out of the party and goes to the hotel bar and this is where she meets John. Johns is a distinguished businessman who at first thinks that when he approaches lizzie that she is a call girl.Lizzie does nothing to dis spell Johns assumptions of her being a call girl. She actually plays right along, She is ready to experience something new. At first her roommates are upset she is seeing john but overtime they start to be okay with it. There was excellent storytelling in book . The romance scenes were detailed and realistic feeling. I loved the love story and had me so drawn in that i didn't want to put the book down. I high recommend this author to people looking to try a new author or a different kind of read. I received this book as a ARC from the author thru Net Galley

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