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La Receta De La Felicidad: Las Siete Claves De La Felicidad Y La Iluminación (2009)

La receta de la felicidad: Las siete claves de la felicidad y la iluminación (2009)

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0307741699 (ISBN13: 9780307741691)
Vintage Espanol

About book La Receta De La Felicidad: Las Siete Claves De La Felicidad Y La Iluminación (2009)

I did not like this book as much as his previous books. A short, quick read.On page 13, he unveils his formula for happiness:Happiness= Set Point + Conditions of Living + Voluntary Activities. We all have a certain set point, which is how naturally happy you are. Unhappy people seem to interpret situations as problems, while happy people see the very same situations as opportunities. He says researchers have found that around 40% of our happiness relates to this set point. One of the goals is to be at peace, be nonviolent, awake and aware, fearless, without conflict and illusions, resilient and independent (free of outside influences). That's a tall order that practicing these 7 keys to joy and enlightenment are supposed to bring about in your life. When you are happy, you are more likely to make choices that bring you success, wealth, good health and nurturing relationships. Each chapter focuses on one key:1. Be aware of your body2. find true self-esteem3. detoxify your life4. give up being right5. focus on the present6. see the world in yourself7. live for enlightenmentGood stuff to remember and think about when you are having a bad day, week or life! I consider myself a pretty happy person so I picked this up as a means to help deepen that contentment - I thought it was a nice reflection piece of reading and it helped me to be more conscious of certain aspects that I may have overlooked in the idea of maintaining deeper happiness. It is a quick read and it is not meant to be a "have all the answers" type of book. If you can read it with an open mind and a forgiving heart, I think it can help each person view different (and difficult) aspects of their life in a more positive light - and who wouldn't want that?

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قرأت الترجمة الصادرة من دار العلم للملايين..كتاب جيد

Profound wisdom but could have been presented in more story-telling fashion.

Amazing book. So insightful.

Smile smile smile.

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