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La Restauradora (2014)

La restauradora (2014)

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8499187110 (ISBN13: 9788499187112)
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About book La Restauradora (2014)

Meet Amelia, her special gift is seeing ghosts. She restores graveyards for a living. When a woman's body is found in the graveyard Amelia is restoring, she meets Devlin the police detective, who is haunted by the ghosts of his wife and daughter. Devlin and Amelia investigate the woman's murder, that of several other people, in a desperate search for the killer. Graveyards, mausoleums, and ghosts fill the pages of this thriller. Can't wait to try book 2 Really should be a 2.5 star rating but I can't decide it that had more to do with the dreadful accents done by the narrator of the audio book.The mystery was ok; I just really thought this relied far too heavily on stereotypes: mysterious, taciturn hero? check. Elderly, black "conjure woman" who speaks in mysterious prophecy? check. Exotic, sensual, mixed race, jealous ex-wife? check. Uptight modern southern belle who is actually a closeted lesbian? check. Ugh. The mystery at the heart of the story was solid but the stereotypes were very annoying.

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Me encanto demasiado!!Ya quiero saber que pasará en el siguiente libro.

Una historia que te atrapa de principio a fin, muy recomendada.

Well written but way too scary for me!

se vuelve adictivo

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