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La Résistance (2008)

La Résistance (2008)

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About book La Résistance (2008)

I decided to read this book because I have read the first book in the series(The Declaration) and it was really good. I also decided to read this book because my sister and my mum have also read this book and they say it is also really good.The resistance fits in to the category of “A science fiction book”. I like this category because it is a whole new type of book to me. It definitely gives me something more to read apart from a normal action book.My favourite character in The Resistance is peter. Peter is a surplus (born illegally) His parents did not want him so they dumped him at somebody's front door. The people that lived in the house adopted him and named him Peter. The people that found him already had a child illegally ( named Anna) but got found and taken away. Now Peters job was to purposefully get found and taken to the same place as Anna. Then his plan was to escape with Anna and run back home where they will live in the country with their parents.My favourite qoute in this book is “ Danger manifests itself in many ways, Peter. Brilliance of mind can be as dangerous as a loaded weapon.” I like this quote because it shows that you should never underestimate anything even if it is the most pathetic thing in the universe.The thing I have learnt from this book is that you should always just do what you think is best for you. Dont let anyone force you into doing anything. Well well well..... after pretty much disliking how slow the first book was I was so surprised to find that this one is much faster paced. (with no diary entries!! well... the one or two did not hurt)Written to the same high standard as the first it continued the story of two surpluses making it in the world of the legals and the struggles of not being accepted. The Victorian quality has gone, a reminded that they are no longer 'domestic slaves' at Grange Hall. Instead everything feels much sleeker and modern; a hopeful start of their new life together? (Or so we hope...)I also got quite attached to the characters this time around; I quite like Jude. The passage with him and his virtual girlfriend was just fantastic. So after only giving the first a three... this one gets a five. It was really enjoyable and I can't wait to read the third.

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This book was amazing! Near the middle I couldn't turn the pages fast enough!

again really enjoyed this book and could not put it down.


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