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La Seducción Más Oscura (2013)

La seducción más oscura (2013)
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Harlequin Ibérica
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La Seducción Más Oscura (2013)
La Seducción Más Oscura (2013)

About book: 4 RAVISHING STARS!DAMN. HOT DAMN.Didn't see that one coming. I'm not really a fan of Paris though I don't hate him either. He's just so-so for me...BUT despite that, I thought I was just gonna skip chapters and keep flipping the pages with a bored look on my face but damn! I love how the story turned out. I love where it's heading to, actually. Not at all cliche and shit. So, yes. I gave this one four glittering gold stars! Awesome read. I wasn't going into this with much hope since I was already in the camp of "I don't care for Paris and his problems." Unfortunately this book wanted to drag out what had already been bleeding through the rest of the pages of other LotU books until it decided to knock some sense into itself and actually get back on track with what I liked about this series. Too bad it took so long and I just wanted Paris and Sienna to shut up, screw, and do what they had to do to stay together so I could move along into yet another disappointment in these stories. (I am so hoping Torin and Cameo don't get screwed over when their turns come) This book could've easily been cut down and still give what it delivered in the end.Some of it was the same flair of writing I came to enjoy and then there were points where I felt it was trying to be something it didn't need to be.So 2 stars from me.
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I was never crazy about Paris but this book was amazing!!! Made me really like him :)
not one of my favorites but good read.
Cant get enough of the Lords!
the best of the series!
Love love loved it!
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