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La Sonrisa De Angélica (2010)

La sonrisa de Angélica (2010)

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About book La Sonrisa De Angélica (2010)

Latest book in the Inspector Montalbano series...set in Sicily, translated from Italian...a string of burglaries with a side order of great food, humor, and Sicilian history and travel info. I had forgotten that the author provides a "notes" section in the back of the book, kind of a glossary for phrases and other references used in the book. Would have been nice, this time, to have a "notes" section for characters, as there were a boatload and easy to mix them up. Try one from this series, if nothing more than to see what comes out of Catarella's mouth. There's a spate of well-planned, smoothly executed robberies in Montalbano's town, and his informants say that the criminals are local. There has to be someone considerably smarter and more sophisticated behind these crimes. Montalbano's attention is drawn to the small circle of acquaintances who make up the victims' social group. One of the crime victims is the beautiful bank teller, Angelica, and the always susceptible Montalbano becomes obsessed with her.

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I enjoyed this book, but compared to the others I have read I felt that there was more conversation.

Quattro stelle per la lingua e per...Catarella!


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