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La Sposa (2013)

La Sposa (2013)

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About book La Sposa (2013)

When I tell you this series is amazing, please believe me! This story, with all its twists and turns…Lawdhammercy! I’m not sure how Sienna Mynx came up with this storyline, but I’m so glad she decided to share it with us.I can’t wait to find out who Isabella is. And what Catalina has been up to in NYC. And how the twins discover that they’re twins. I’m sure there are gonna be lots of fireworks when that whole story comes out. Please let us find out in Book 4, because I’m not sure how much more my heart can take with all these secrets and lies. My anxiety level is at an all-time high, LOL!On to Book 4! Lord have mercy, I have now finished book 3 and I need book 4 right away. I am not sure how I am going to cope without the Battaglia Family.I think Gio is playing a dangerous game and it might backfire big time on him. All we can do is hope that love wins out every time."Stuck up Bitch" Won't she be surprised who she is speaking of in that manner!!Sienna Mynx is my author of the month and I highly recommend this series.

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Can't wait for the next book. Loved this book

Love the series and will keep on reading.

Love love loved this book..

Love this series.

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