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La Strada In Fondo Al Mare (2012)

La strada in fondo al mare (2012)

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8854135259 (ISBN13: 9788854135253)
Newton Compton Editore

About book La Strada In Fondo Al Mare (2012)

I discovered this book through a goodreads giveaway that I didn't win. But, the Titanic is something I've always found fascinating and I sought this book out at my local library. First off, I read it thinking the Captain's Daughter was a figurative name for Ella - the daughter given to May by the Captain. I didn't think of it as being Mel Smith. And, after reading the book, I still think the author meant Ella. Likewise, I think the figure in red on the cover is May dropping her clothing into the ocean on her return to England. As for the book, I absolutely loved that it followed May, Celeste, and Angelo's families for so long. I loved seeing how they interacted and things came together and drifted apart for everyone. My *ONLY* complaint is what many people love - that the story wrapped up so neatly at the ending. I find life is rarely that perfect and found that to be a bit sentimental and contrived. There are many fictional stories based on the Titanic, and “The Captain’s Daughter” is just one of them, and one that is well-written, dramatically rich in storyline and with more than just historical background on the Titanic itself to ground it and make it believable.At the beginning of the book, we see May Smith losing a husband whom she loves deeply and Celeste Parkes wishing that her husband would drown instead of being safe at home. Both these women, vastly different in outlook & personality, social background & circumstance, are brought together on that fateful day because of baby Ellen, and they forge a strong friendship that survives time and distance. The author deftly interweaves the lives of May and Celeste, with side stories of other characters that are crucial to the storyline. The central plot obviously involves baby Ellen, which the title implies is the Captain’s daughter. Whether she is indeed the Captain’s daughter or May’s daughter is revealed early in the book but the title, like the story itself, tells readers that nothing is what it appears to be. Readers are treated to other truths by and by, so there is no big reveal at the end of the story. However, what enriches the reading experience is the way the characters are portrayed, and we see different sides of their personalities as the story progresses. In fact, “The Captain’s Daughter” is one of those books that runs the gauntlet of human experience, from joy to tears, love to betrayal, hope to despair. The story itself was not exactly riveting, but the pull of the emotions was what made me reluctant to put down the book.A worthwhile book to be included in your to-read list. Exact rating : 3.5

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Very interesting book with a very good narrative building.

I love this book!



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