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Ladies' Night (2013)

Ladies' Night (2013)

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1250019672 (ISBN13: 9781250019677)
St. Martin's Press

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It is amazing to me that I can read books that I think are very different, yet they end up similar. I was not aware that I was following up reading a book about renovating with another one! I like Mary Kay Andrews. Her female characters are fun, independent women, with real doubts about love. Never mind that they all end up with a happy ending. The whole idea of a judge sentencing women (mostly) seeking divorce to a specific therapist for a specified 6 week program was a stroke of genius. I enjoyed the discovery and of course, the happy ending. I have always enjoyed the books by Mary Kay Andrews and this is no exception. it brought out so many strong emotions and I'm not sure why, must be her writing. I empathized with the ladies in this book (and Wyatt) and how they were being cheated by their soon to be ex-husbands and the judge that seemed to be on their side. Corruption is never good. It also shows that you never know who your friends are until you are in a situation born out of your control.This is also a good story about never letting your dreams die AND to not let your spouse control everything and you know nothing about your finances etc.

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It did have some hard to believe moments, but it is a great summer read with a lot of laughs.

***3.5***I liked the story. I just found the main female character a little annoying.

Easy read. Contrived premise. It basically delivers what you'd expect.

Fun vacation read.

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