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Lady Deception (2000)

Lady Deception (2000)

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About book Lady Deception (2000)

I think the ONLY thing I liked about this book was the fact that I did not have to pay for it. It was a free Amazon read. I hated the characters, the story, the plot, and I just never could get into the book. It was a waste of 4 hours of reading for me. My momma always taught me when I start something I have to finished so I did. The ONLY thing I can say is that it was my connection with the story and characters and had NOTHING to do with the author's writing! This book was ok. It had an interesting authenticity with the old tyme speech and a good plot line. I found the reactions of the characters and the thought processes of the characters a little tedious. They didn't seem to be realistic. The status of the female lead being based on her opinion of her status was inaccurate to say the least. The all-encompassing acceptance from the noble class was unbelievable.

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This story went back and forth for me; overall, it was good.

I found this book tooo short..

I loved the story

Enjoyable read.

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