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Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage (2010)

Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage (2010)

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0425235459 (ISBN13: 9780425235454)
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About book Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage (2010)

Mac Mackenzie and Lady Isabella's turbulent marriage and what led to their separation is told to us in snippets throughout the book. Also we slowly find out that Mac, like his brother Ian, has been damaged by the brutal treatment handed out by his father. In Mac's case in trying to beat the artist in him out.Our hero is all that you would expect, handsome, strong, a great body, charming, rich, a rake etc but Jennifer Ashley has given the Mackenzie men warmth, a deep love for their brothers, and the capacity to show emotion. Thus making less one dimensional than a lot of other romance heros I've come across.A thoroughly enjoyable read - look forward now to reading about Cameron Mackenzie. Another wonderful Mackenzie story. This time about Mac Mackenzie and his estranged wife Isabella. Theirs is a volatile relationship that caused a three and a half year separation. After a fire destroys part of Mac's home and studio, he is forced to move in with Isabella. Close quarters cause these two to review their marriage and decide if they want things to move on or continue as they are. I enjoyed the banter between Isabella and Mac. Isabella doesn't hold back. Mac is a sweet character but under all his frivolity he adores his wife and is so hurt by their separation. Watching them rebuild their trust in each other is painful sometimes, but you can trust Mac to always bring levity whenever situations get too heavy.

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Me encanto Mac e Isabella, hasta ahora mejor que el primero completamente 4.

Boring. Boring plot, boring protagonists, boring writing. Boring.

Linda historia. Voy con el siguiente!

loved the booooooooooooook !!!!

3,5 stars

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