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Laid Bare (2009)

Laid Bare (2009)

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0425229718 (ISBN13: 9780425229712)
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About book Laid Bare (2009)

An unbelievably sexy menage! This is the first in the Brown siblings series. Loved the writing - strong, funny, good lines "flying his freak flag high." Love the dialogue. My only issue was the introduction of Ben. For me, it diluted the intensity between Erin and Todd. Almost as if, ok, now that we have accepted our kinks, we are going to add another variable. I also didn't feel the attraction between Ben and Todd - oh they showed, all right!! Whew smoking hot. But I didn't sense the chemistry between them that I felt with Todd and Erin. I do love Erin's brothers and plan to read their stories. The subplot with Ella is good as well and I understand there's a story featuring her. Ms Dane can write the hell out of a sex scene. I also liked that this is not what some might call classic BDSM with the clubs and the scenes and all that stuff. Not all the D/s lingo either. Just three people who have some kinks that fall into the BDSM spectrum and accept them. Technically 3.5 stars. This was a social erotica book, exploring the every day interactions of a group of people, Erin and Todd - and later Ben- in the centre. It was the beautiful story telling of a relationship that rooted, grew and bloomed through trial and error. Additionally, it was a hail to friendship that runs too deep, taking polyamory out of the shadows and wrapping a pretty pink bow on top.And yet I can't, in good conscience, say I was thrilled to have read it, and I am quite doubtful on whether I will pick up the next book in the series.The first reason I removed a star was because this book was long. Too long. Unnecessarily long. I could tell from the first couple of chapters it would be a struggle to keep reading, and I found myself yawning and rolling my eyes at the extensive descriptions and unwarranted detail dive more than once. At the end, even the sex scenes had become tedious for me to read (not to mention, a threesome without some sort of anal sex just does not sit well with me).And the reason I rounded down from 3.5 stars is because I finished the book not 15 minutes ago, and I struggled to remember the heroine's name for this review.

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2nd read. Planned to skim, prepping for book 2, and ended up doing a full re-read.

Good, but got weird when it became a 3-some.

Horible. Couldnt even finish.

Ok for a fantasy...

Did. Not. Finish.

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