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Las Perlas De La Novia (2014)

Las perlas de la novia (2014)

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8492916516 (ISBN13: 9788492916511)

About book Las Perlas De La Novia (2014)

"The Bride Wore Pearls" is not your run-of-the-mill romance novel! The heroine isn't your lily-white, fainting type of gal - Lady Anisha Stafford is an exotic, mix-raced (half English/Half Indian), smart, common-sense lady who doesn't really care what society thinks of her and her family. And the hero, Rance Welham is a rough, tough fellow with plenty of anguish and fear in his background, and he has sense enough not to want to burden the woman he loves with his emotional baggage. Thank goodness Anisha can overlook that to cut through the nonsense and grab her man and her happily-ever-after with gusto!Liz Carlyle dazzles her readers with this third installment of the Fraternitas series, that follows the members of the secretative St. James Society and the women they love. Carlyle keeps her story moving along at a quick pace and keeps the action and the loving on track! I enjoyed her well-developed characters - they were realistic and charming and, at times, down right salty! And even though this is the first book of this series that I've read, it was easy to pick up on the back-story and fall right into this tale.If you like unusual historical romances, "The Bride Wore Pearls" will be one that I promise you'll enjoy. Anisha comes to England from India to join her brother after her husband passes away with her two young sons, only to be met by Rance Welham the Earl of Lazonby because her brother is gone. She is left in Lazonby's care after her brother marries the governess Grace and leaves for a year-long honeymoon, and Lazonby is really attracted to her, but crushed under all the scandal and uncertainty of the mess he was almost hanged for earlier in his life, for which he still searchers answers. They struggle with their relationship as he struggles to dig deeper into his past and why he was set up.

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I have been an avid fan of Liz Carlyle's but, I hate to say it, this series does not interest me.

The Fraternitas Aureae Crucis was a pretty good series. Will there be another book?



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