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L'Assassina E Il Male (2013)

L'Assassina e il Male (2013)

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About book L'Assassina E Il Male (2013)

Celaena has returned from her "punishment" and is now back in the city. As an apology, the King of Assassins buys her jewelry and finds her a contract to help stop slavery. Compared to the other novellas of this series, the A&tU feels like the beginning of the plot. Arobyn is obviously plotting something, considering he had wanted to establish himself in the slave trade. Having heard him now playing for the other side makes me think he's up to something but Celaena can't seem to see this. He knows how to manipulate her and it almost seems comical because she's always so sure of herself and claims to be independent. We see that's not the case in this story.Additionally, this is when the romance part grows. In between arguments, Sam confesses that he's always loved Celaena and that shocks her. It also shocks me because it didn't really seem that way, especially when I first met them (when Ben was assassinated). It bothers me because I had wanted to read a book where there was a girl finally strong enough to not need any men. It made her weak, however, at the same time it made her relate-able, especially considering she's going to be moving away from her "parent" figure. The plot thickens when she finally goes for the kill (she needs to kill her target, obtain his documents that will help spread slavery, and kill/obtain his partner). She starts to notice that there are some holes in the contract, information that just doesn't add up. Finally, it's revealed that she has done the opposite of what she intended. Instead of helping people she was condemning them. This little detail is what really drew me into the whole story. She was finally realizing that she wasn't really "the best" and it was this one thing that pushed her. She payed off her debt and Sam's, and moved away from the Assassin's Guild. I'm really interested in Arobyn's character. Great little short about Celeana before the time in the mines and Throne of glass. This is where so was definitely on the path to becoming a strong confident woman before everything went south. I really LOVE seeing her with Sam. I melted. I hope to read the other novellas before the third book is released. I like this insight into Arobynn's character. The depth of his betrayal and just overall ruthless personality really puts things into perspective for the rest of the series. I really hope she has her chance at him later, whatever it might entail for closure.

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Rereading in preparation for my Crown Of Midnight ARC. Review to come eventually.

Arobynn is such a douche

review to come.

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