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Last Snow (2010)

Last Snow (2010)

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0765325152 (ISBN13: 9780765325150)
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About book Last Snow (2010)

The opening of the book is amazing! i wrote down the paragraph "Everything comes to an end..." So good! As we expect from the first book again a lot of drama around Jack and with all the women's trouble on his head he still goes and gets even more women's trouble...a true hero! An amazing way in which he reaches the final destination and discovers the one thing that escaped him the whole time, very good! Can't wait to get my hands on the third!! If you want to see how to use an intriguing premise to bore your readers to death, this is the book for you. It has a half-heartedly interesting beginnng. Part of its charm, I suppose. But it quickly lapses into stereotypes and caricatures -- and longwinded ones at that. What good can I say? It was there for me in a time of need (camping with my Aunt MK, the bookhound), when I forgot to bring backup reading material. Thanks Aunt MK. :)

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A bit too Russian for me. Interesting that the woman was so deceitful toward the protagonist.

couldn't finish, found it too boring

Always been a fan of Lustbader.

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