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Late Eclipses (2011)

Late Eclipses (2011)

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About book Late Eclipses (2011)

These books really do just get better and better. It had me laughing and crying at the same moment, and that is a first. I've found my favorite cup of tea, and it's this series! This is the kind of book that makes you want to become a writer, overflowing with emotion and character and intrigue.McGuire knows how to make the conflict personal, how to make you care, and then your invested and along for the ride until you look up wondering where the hours went. She knows how to pay off her promises to the reader and covers the vast range of human emotion with meticulous pacing. I am greatly impressed. This book inspires me to no end to get writing! Thank you! The October Daye series of Urban fantasy novels I've been reading recently are proving an interesting contrast to the rest of the Genre, Urban fantasy really seems to fall into two categories, either you have strong plot based driven stories such as The Dresden Files, Alex Verus etc which while not exclusively tend to be lead by a male lead characters, or you get Female lead Paranormal Romances, where the plot basically takes a back seat to overly long sex scenes and entire chapters describing what the male characters in the book are wearing.The October Daye novels walk the fine middle ground of these definitions, while the female lead character engages in plenty of male ogling, and there's always some romance or suggestion of romance around, I can not say it is any more distracting from the storyline than it is for the male leads in the previously mentioned series, ogling the female characters, or engaging in romance.These novels are based around the established concept of the courts of the Fae, although introduces its own Fae variants and abilities as well. The stories play out a lot like detective stories with the lead character always trying to find a killer, or item and save the day, the characters in the series are very well fleshed out and have strong personalities that are reflected in their actions.Overall the series is well worth a look, just on the fact that its a good female lead Urban fantasy novel (that there certainly aren't enough of) that doesn't fall into the trap of paranormal romance.

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