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Late Edition (2010)

Late Edition (2010)

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About book Late Edition (2010)

Very light reading. Cute series about four old ladies, doing good in the world..... And solving a few mysteries. Entertaining.Teresa "Toots" Loudenberry likes adventure, and in this installment, the action moves from Los Angeles to Charleston, where the Sisters take up the search for the murderer of "sister" Ida's late husband, Thomas. Little do they realize that the killer is after Ida too. Meanwhile, Toots notices that a bakery that makes fabulous baked goods is going bankrupt because of a scandalous rumor, so she seizes on an opportunity there. Should have read the blurb better because seances were a big part of the story. As if! The book is about four woman who have been friends since childhood. One is super rich and another quite rich. Granted the woman spread the wealth and help others but as I was reading I thought lets have a story about the men and women who are living on pensions and social secruity and still do good maybe not to the extent but still do good. Money makes everything just too easy.

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I was glad I did not spend money for this book. It was a waste of my time.

Sisterhood is better but still fun.

Title published as "Late Edition"

Enjoyable summer read.


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