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L'écureuil Et La Première Neige (2009)

L'écureuil Et La Première Neige (2009)

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About book L'écureuil Et La Première Neige (2009)

What a delightful book for children and us adults. Meschenmoser's deft hand renders the animals scruffy and captures the scrabbly woods ready-for-winter woods. The animals alone have the little color in the book, while they together wait for coming snow. Several of the two-page panels are worth the price of the book, including 1) the squirrel running up and around the tree, capturing what it is like to look at a squirrel in overdrive and in six places at once; and 2) looking down from the trees at the three characters awaiting the snow. The little bit of text helps carry the narrative without over-telling, and the illustration with it moves the easily and steadily. Great ending, good dose of humor, and kudos for Meschenmoser's skill creating a world we easily fall into. Bravo! A recent addition to my "December Readalouds" shelf. My first reaction was somewhat tepid, but after reading it to several classes I became quite fond of it. The sepia toned illustrations are just right for the time of year when the tree branches are bare and the ground is brown and we wait for snow to lighten things up. Before reading the story, have the students think of words they would use to describe snow to someone who has never experienced it. Deer tells squirrel that snow is 'white and wet and cold and soft"...

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Great book one on one with a preschooler or a great read-aloud for early elementary kids.

ALA Notable. Author from Germany. Sweet winter nature book. Good for snow units.

I absolutely LOVE the illustrations in this book. The story is adorable.

Playful and sweet. Unique and equally playful illustrations.

I love the illustrations.

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