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Öldüren Aynanın İçinden (2013)

Öldüren Aynanın İçinden (2013)

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About book Öldüren Aynanın İçinden (2013)

The second book in the trilogy(honestly I wouldn't call it that) is just as good as the first. Its much shorter than the first. Wish it would have been a bit longer. Also wish it would have carried more of the end. But all over it was a good book. It's a simple read, not to complex and entertaining. The only reason why I gave it 4 out of 5 stars is because of the choppiness of the writing at times. Just needs a bit of editing. Fun book that had a better ending then a beginning. There was something about this book that just did not sit as well with me as the first book. I think this one felt a bit rushed. There was so much thrown at me that I felt that this could have been 2 books separated. The first part, just did not have enough in it to keep me interested off and on. But the 2nd half when everything started to climax I was interested, but still wanted to know more backgrounds on new players in the book. Over all, sure it was a nice 2nd stage from the first book, but I enjoy thinking of Alice in Deadland as a great stand alone.

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Just as good as the first! A little less action but more realistic. One of my all time favorites.

I struggled to get through the book. The storyline is good I just found it hard to read.

I love the story for this series, which is awesome.Sadly the writing isn't very good.

So good I didn't want to stop reading. So much emotion crammed into every word.


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