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Le Guide Du Mauvais Père (2013)

Le guide du mauvais père (2013)

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2756038733 (ISBN13: 9782756038735)
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About book Le Guide Du Mauvais Père (2013)

Fun little book about a father who doesn't really get it that his kids are not his age-similar friends; there are things which you maybe should avoid discussing with them. Such as baby-snatching monkey news, when the kid is just about to go to sleep...Drawings are as charming as Delisle's usual fareOnly drawback: it took maybe 10 minutes to read, so don't expect a book to snuggle up with for a couple of evenings. My favorite Delisle book so far! He is a great and simple artist, very clean lines, very attractive and accomplished sense of style, always. Meticulous, inviting, and the tone of his voice in his narratives always annoys me, irritates me, even offends me... but here he is hilarious in his self-deprecating tales of failed or neglectful parenting that most parents (and kids, and former kids) can relate to. I really, really liked it. Reminded me of Jeffrey Brown's parenting books such as the Darth Vader or even the cat books that involve kids... only this is even more focused on parenting mistakes, though it is no less endearing, in my opinion... and for me, he needed some endearing humor to make me go back to read his work... Strongly recommend, esp to parents, and maybe especially to fathers....

Do You like book Le Guide Du Mauvais Père (2013)?

A charming collection of Delisle's ruminations on parenthood. It's a fun fast read.

Short, delightful burst of Delisle's humor. An amuse-bouche of a graphic novel.

A funny, quick read! Thanks, Guy Delisle!

Horrible. But funny.

Too short.

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