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Le Livre Des Morts (2011)

Le Livre des Morts (2011)

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About book Le Livre Des Morts (2011)

The book is overall interesting (well, it's a thriller) but it's nothing special. The plot is okay-ish, full of clichés, but it holds attention for some time. It is readable. Characters are not so developed, and I'm glad there is no sequal. In some parts it seems hasty and the author left a lot of questions unanswered which maybe was one of the goals.I gave it two stars because it's not the bad book, it's not amazing, nor it isn't okay. It's just nice and readable, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. The way of multiple plots which are happening at one time in modern and medieval era is amazing,the writter switches you between various events linked to main goal. And switches them that way you feel tension to read that book part and come to another.The plot is set in City of Angels,Vectis in Britain and Sin City.The main idea of Area 51 and its concept in this book is amazing.I hope i will read "Book of Souls" soon...

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Poor character development. Plot disjointed. Premise is interesting but not focus of novel.

Very good book and writing style, surprising story.

Great book!!!

great book

Muy bien.

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