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Le Pacte Des Loups (2013)

Le pacte des loups (2013)

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2226247580 (ISBN13: 9782226247582)
Albin Michel Wiz

About book Le Pacte Des Loups (2013)

I had a little trouble appreciating the parts about Bliss and the wolves in Gates of Paradise because I got too excited to read it and failed to read Wolf Pact beforehand. Still, I wanted to understand what I did not while reading the final book in the long-running Blue Bloods series. Despite being tied to the Blue Bloods books, Wolf Pact had a kind of more primitive and savage aura about it. Yep, the presentation of the wolves was that effective. The book was really short, but at least it familiarized me with the version of werewolf lore in Melissa dela Cruz's fictional world. I had never really been too attached to a Bliss' character, and I felt that her identity was sort of lost in this book. Seeing her try to fend for herself as a human was not all that impressive, although I appreciated how she could still use her status as Lucifer's daughter to her advantage. I was confused by the Watcher's character. She barely existed in Gates of Paradise, despite being a supposedly powerful and important character, and I had hoped that she would prove to be more useful in Wolf Pact, seeing as she should've been helping Bliss. I was obviously disappointed. I liked the wolves enough. For some reason, Malcolm is my favorite. I suppose it's because he's pretty brilliant, despite being the youngest in the pack. I liked Edon too, though his devotion to the intolerable Ahramin really turned me off. I wished the author developed Rafe's character a bit more, though I suppose there wasn't much time for that. I appreciated Tala's character, but I was distracted by Lawson's primal characteristic. Like seriously, Ahramin, Tala and Bliss? Perhaps he truly was more wolf than man. And don't even get me started on Ahramin. I get that she made sacrifices, but all the other things she did, especially with Lawson, was just infuriating. Ugh. The plot was interesting enough, although I did not find any particularly shocking moments. I had hoped that Romulus' defeat would be a bit more exciting, but yeah I guess there just wasn't much space and time to so anything a bit more exciting. I stil liked Wolf Pact though. It's a nice, quick read, and it definitely cleared up a lot of those things I hadn't known when I read Gates of Paradise. Rating: 2.75 starsThe story was not as great and interesting as all the other books in the Blue Bloods series. I didn't feel connected with the characters, and the events weren't really attention-grabbing. The budding love story of Bliss and Lawson wasn't convincing at all. I purchased this book from Amazon because I got intrigued when I have read a snippet in The Keys to Repository. Bliss Llewlyn is my second favorite character in the Blue Bloods series next to Mimi Force. I thought reading a story which mostly focused on Bliss's endeavors as a new human would be really interesting. However, I got a bit disappointed upon reading Wolf Pact. The only part that really got me was when Ahramin's real identity was revealed, and it was a very short scene. I only recommend this book to those very loyal Blue Bloods fans who really wants to read everything about the series including the side-stories of some characters. I don't think it would matter much whether you read this book or not to understand the main story line of the Blue Bloods series though. The 2.75-star rating was for Melissa de la Cruz's effort to make a short story as interesting and as action-packed as possible.

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I don't know...... it could've been better. the ending was sad..... but the book was good in a whole

I liked this book alot. I Hope there's another one:))))

Very excited for this book! Looking forward to it!

CAN'T wait to read this book!!!

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