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Le Spectacle De Noël (2013)

Le Spectacle de Noël (2013)
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Le Spectacle De Noël (2013)
Le Spectacle De Noël (2013)

About book: This book is a clever riff on the "Dracula" plot by Bram Stoker, as well as an engaging murder mystery set in an isolated mansion, cut off by a snowstorm, amidst a theatrical company and a wealthy family. It is also centred on the sympathetic and engaging character of Caroline Fielding, the mother of Charlotte Pitt in Perry's second, excellent series of Victorian crime novels. So overall a fun, quick and easy read that will likely appeal to fans, like myself, of Perry's Victorian mysteries. But again, this iteration of Perry's Victorian Christmas novellas has nothing to do with Christmas, other than the late December dates during which it is set. This smacks to me of rather false advertising, not to mention the jolly holiday cover art, and the completely irrelevant, and nonsensical, title! No homecoming whatsoever occurs, and Christmas has very little to do with it . . . I like these Christmas murder mysteries by this author. This one set in a remote Yorkshire fishing village and involves the 'new' book Dracula which a young woman has written a play which she would like performed. Unlike most murder mysteries the murder doesn't occur until about two thirds of the way into the telling of the story. There's a lot of interesting background involving the book, the actors, why the play was being produced, and introducing the mysterious male character who winds up at the home after being stranded in the snow.
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Enjoyed the story would have preferred a little more on the solving of the crime.
Like Anne Perry, but this was a bit weird for a Christmas story.
Perfect for Christmas... Light, silly and fast.
I made it half way... Not my kind of story.
I liked
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