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Lean Mean Thirteen (2007)

Lean Mean Thirteen (2007)
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Lean Mean Thirteen (2007)
Lean Mean Thirteen (2007)

About book: I'm really tired of hearing that Stephanie was married to Dickie "for about fifteen minutes" before she found him with Joyce on the table. And that "about fifteen minutes" after that, Stephanie filed for divorce.But I'm tired of a lot of the things that get said over and over in each book to "catch up" anyone who might not have read the upteen books that came before.But no. No, I don't really mind because they're usually contained in a paragraph immediately following a cue that says, "This next paragraph will contain information that you, up-to-date reader, already know."It's just that sometimes you run into one of those things as a part of the plot and then it gets said in all these ways that sneak up on you. Like the Dickie thing. Since he's the plot in this one.**Okay, random Goodread Reader, you should know this is a pretty general talking-about of the Stephanie Plum series up to this point, not just a nice little contained review of this book.**And more than ever I'm thinking that the very best thing that could happen to Ranger would be for Stephanie to slap the taste out of his mouth. Well, it'd be good for Stephanie, too. Don't get me wrong, I love Ranger. I just think her slapping him is not only warranted, but would be extra special good for his growth as a person, 'kay? Not at this point, because she's already given him too many allowances. But the first time she told him, "Keep your hands out of my shirt," and he put them in there anyway. Slap instead of melt, Stephanie. I mean, seriously? And over and over again?I don't give a crap how hot and mysterious a guy is, I tell him no and he does it anyway, the hotness goes to work against him. "Oh, he's hot, so he thinks he can just do anything? Well, fuck that." Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap!I just don't have a "melt" button after I've said, "No." Maybe I'm defective. But if that's true, I'll keep it.Anyway, I still laugh, I still get caught up in wondering what's "really" going on with the plot, and I still groan and roll my eyes when we get an info-dump of the entire thing near the end, most often in a Bad Guy Monologue. I won't tell you who does the monologue in this one, but it was a once-removed monologue. You know, a repeat of the Bad Guy Monologue. {{headdesk}}And I keep reading them, because they make me laugh, and because no matter how much the characters frustrate me, they are characters that get strong reactions from me without thoughts of the writer behind them at all. And in my world, that's a big damn deal.I've just about gotten over my wish that she'd go to the shooting range on a regular basis, and/or take some martial arts classes. Anything to be a better bounty hunter. I'll never get over it completely, though, because it was a big hope of mine going in. I'm used to reading the fantasy stories where the main character starts out a pud and slowly trains up to being awesome---through lots of effort and trials.She wouldn't even have to put in that much effort; Ranger's got his own damn shooting range she could use any time. Again, though, the fact that her lack of drive frustrates me so much says a lot for the characterization, to me.I dunno. Maybe I'm just weird. But I am going to keep reading the series. {waves hand} Later. Well, this between-the-numbers one I have, then I need a Plum break.

Thirteenth Stephanie Plum book, in which Stephanie’s bastard x-husband vanishes after – you know what? I’m not going to give a plot summary, because that’s entirely secondary. It’s a freaking Stephanie Plum book – I read it pretty much cover-to-cover today, and it made me laugh hard enough to hurt my stomach muscles.Where does she get it all? I mean, seriously, a book a year like clockwork, and they’re still freaking hilarious. It’s a sort of dry, off-kilter, sarcastic humor, which fits just right in this universe where everything is just a bit bigger and bolder than you expect."Small detour," I said to the RangeMan guy. "What's your name?" "Brett." He didn't look like a Brett. Guys named Brett were supposed to have a neck. This guy looked like he should be named Grunt.And there’s an exploding beaver and a grave robber and an unfortunate stun-gun accident. God, I love these books.I do have to register again though, as I did for the last book, that I really wish she’d make just a bit more haste in progressing the love triangle. The status is very quo, and I was frustrated by the very small, quiet references to Stephanie’s frustrations with her life and her fears for the future that, yet again, didn’t go anywhere. (And it is absolutely possible to address those complex subjects while retaining the light tone).Well, actually, it’s mostly that I was so thoroughly disgusted by Joe freaking Morelli. Excerpt taken just after Stephanie has handled a frightening and demanding situation with smarts and style:Morelli didn't look happy. "You're getting too good at this," he said. "You've been scared and threatened so many times, you're starting to think it's normal.You were so cool with that guy. And he was insane. Genuine psychopath. And you played him." "Isn't that what I was supposed to do?" "Yes, but that isn't what I want the woman I love to do. You should have freaked. You should be shaking and crying. Look at you. You're smiling."Fuck you, too.I really hope Evanovich is playing a long game here with the relationships and the comparisons between Joe and Ranger, because I will be very very irritated if that sort of bullshit goes unchallenged forever.
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The Stephanie Plum series is definitely in decline. While this novel has a promising plot (Stephanie's ex-husband disappears, and she's a suspect), the storyline is just plain flat, mainly because the author insists on borrowing scenes and dialogues from her previous Plum books.I didn't even have much interest in the main characters, who have had virtually no character development in the last several books.I'm really starting to feel as though Evanovich is just phoning it in these days. Sad. This used to be a series that had me breathlessly waiting at the bookstore for each new installment.
Few things in this world are as consistent as a Janet Evanovich novel featuring Stephanie Plum. You know that the following will happen at some point in the story: you will laugh out loud at least three times (often more), Stephanie will have hot sex with Joe Morelli, Stephanie will think about the possibility of hot sex with Ranger, Stephanie and Lulu will find themselves in some embarrassing situations while trying to apprehend a bail skip (this 13th installment involves exploding taxidermy and a gravedigger who does taxes on the side), Grandma Mazur will either pack serious heat or get her hair dyed a color not found in nature, Stephanie will destroy a car (maybe two), Stephanie will feel torn between the two men in her life, the phrase "Ranger will kill me if something happens to you" will be uttered by at least one character (and maybe more), and no matter how crazy and dangerous things become, it will all turn out right in the end. In this crazy and inconsistent world, there is something comforting about this series which is why I've stuck with it for thirteen books. Though I will probably forget the plot of this latest installment in a few weeks (maybe sooner), that's not the point. The point is an hour or two of laughter and embarrassed recognition. Whether we live close to New Jersey or far away, we all have a bit of the Stephanie Plum in us. (Or maybe it's just me.)
Hello Dagny! On our review page, there are letters atop each book cover. You want the second book cover for letter "E". I'll remove the former when I see it entered anew. Very nice to see these coming in so early! I've read 10 novels but haven't reviewed a one.
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