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Leckerbissen (2014)

Leckerbissen (2014)

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I wanted to wait to review this until I had tried a few of the recipes. The book itself was cute, although after awhile it did feel like she was name-dropping. I tried the recipes for carbonara, huevos rancheros and the chocolate chip cookies. All were just ok, nothing thrilling. I liked the addition of salt to the top of the crispy chocolate chip cookies but my partner didn't love it. The carbonara was fine but I felt like it needed... something. The huevos rancheros were good (although IDK if that was really a recipe, per se). I will probably switch the beans to refried beans when I make them again. I read this a ways back but am just now getting a review. Lucy Knisley wrote and illustrated this graphic novel of her history in food from her mom's garden, recipes and catering business, her own work at a food shop in Chicago and her travels in Europe where she ate some very delicious food.I'm generally not into graphic novels b/c they are COMIC BOOKS PEOPLE, but I liked this one a lot.Definitely some recipes thrown in, but nothing I copied.

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Graphic Novel, Memoir, food, Chicago, New York, recipes, NYC, non-fiction

This was a lot of fun to read. I liked it a lot.

Left me wanting to cook and eat everything!

I really liked the art and the stories.

charming, funny, and hunger-inducing.

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