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Left Of Center (2000)

Left of Center (2000)
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Left Of Center (2000)
Left Of Center (2000)

About book: What prevented the other star from being posted? I didn't like that Casey's brain/behavior anomaly was permanent. It would have been better if he just thought this scheme up for elaborate revenge on Brandon. He will never have a regular good job and once in a while his slip ups would get him into trouble. Did he and Brandon live together? or does Casey stay in the institution for life? How does he support himself? Those points prevent me from fully enjoying the story.It makes me sad that he was some child wonder protege and one accident ruins all that for him. I loved the story immensely because of all this craziness there is.Raised on Fitzgerald `s stories I am a sucker for abnormal characters who differ from us greatly and see the world from a strange, mysterious point of view.But is it always bad?And is there a chance for happiness everyone living - normal, crazy - needs?There is no Epilogue and the ending is open, but I want to hope their story will be different than "Tender is the night" and there is always a way to be and MAKE someone else happy.
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Wow.Has one book ever become so much more than expected in such a short amount of writing?!
Talk about throwing you for a loop. Lol It outsmarted me! Very funny and sweet story. :)
I liked this - it was a funny read. I was just disappointed it was so short.
Good but very short.
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