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Left Of Centre (2010)

Left of Centre (2010)
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Left Of Centre (2010)
Left Of Centre (2010)

About book: Another great book by Zathyn Priest! I am definitely going to be reading anything I can get my hands on by this very talented author! It is amazing to me how much story he is able to pack into only 47 pages.I was completely taken with Lewis aka “Enigma” what a fitting name, he is cute, funny, sweet and what a wacky personality. That boy had me laughing with his antics, but at the same time he was a sad, frustrated and lonely boy. He meets Brandon aka "Shade"("Shallow" would have been more fitting)...a man whore...he’s been with so many men he can’t remember and that’s not all he can’t remember, he can’t even remember their names as he’s crawling out of their beds to sneak away. I was so prepared to really detest this guy living his life in a way I don’t understand or can condone but the funny thing is I couldn’t! I loved the story between these two, a story of two men with such completely different personalities and lives meeting and finding love. I’m not going to say anymore you will just have to read it for yourselves! If there was one thing that was disappointing, it's that it was just nowhere near long enough! More please!!!! I found this book refreshingly different and unlike anything I have read before. There was a lot of character development (particularly Brandon) for such a short story. A lot of the interaction between Brandon and Lewis made me laugh, although when the reason for Lewis's weird behaviour was revealed it came as a complete shock. Some of the things that Lewis made Brandon do seemed pretty bizarre until I understood the reasons why. It ended up being a very sweet story.
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Funny,cute ...just adorable:)
I loved this story
4.25 stars
4.5 stars
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