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Legacy Found (2011)

Legacy Found (2011)

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While this is being toted as a werewolf book, I would contend that it's actually more of a shapeshifter theme. There are no half-man/half beasts mentioned, only people capable of turning into wolves. Don't expect to get much of a look at the 'werewolf' dynamics or culture until 2/3rds of the way through, however. The premise itself was interesting and straightforward. There was a subplot twist that was well handled, and the ending supplies a satisfying degree of closure.On the downside, needless recapping and rambling internal monologue causes the pace lag in a number of places. I got the sense that too much was being tackled, from an emotional standpoint, in presenting a 'heroine' who happens to be a physically/mentally/sexually tortured woman who recently escaped from 30+years of captivity at the hands of a pitiless sociopath. As a result, the sort of 'sex therapy' the hero seemed to be offering was a bit off-putting to this reviewer.Readers might need to ignore a number of plot points that may feel too convenient, along with an unappealing overuse of terms like 'sexy', 'bulbous head', and 'his wolf howled inside him.' And though the bad guys were referred to as 'bounty hunters', I'm still not clear on why. Bounties were never mentioned, and no one seemed to be paying them. The group reads more like a dim-witted, anti-supernatural version of the KKK. I suspect that previous books in the series would have better illuminated this later point for me, however. OMG! I so loved this book, well the whole series actually! I had never even heard or this author, NJ Walters, before and picked the series up after a recommendation by a Goodreads friend. I just couldn't put them down, and was reading till the small hours, not good when you gotta go to work next day lol! Anyway this last book in the trilogy is the Wolf Creek Alpha's story, James, ( who is Alex's dad from the first book), who has been away on business and on the journey home he stops in a cafe and is instantly attracted to the waitress Shelley! She is very wary of James and when he starts asking questions about her and reveals he knows 'what she is', she becomes very flustered. Things escalate and she gets into an argument with her boss, who is horrid and treats her like shit, and because James jumps in trying to defend her, the guy fires Shelley and tells her she has to leave the apartment he rented her. Homeless and jobless, James feels bad and offers to take her to the next town, although this quickly turns to him wanting to take her home! I can't say much more otherwise it will give away too much and spoil it for others, but needless to say there are several twists to the story that are cleverly written. It is an action packed, exciting plot with an awesome storyline that flows beautifully, not only re-introducing characters from previous books but also introducing new characters and plot strings for future books, (I hope)! Although the characters are werewolves, I felt this author really captured the sense of family values, friendship and camaraderie that anybody could relate to. Without giving too much away, Shelley has been through significant trauma over the years, and suffered losses, abuse and distress in bucket loads, and has to re-build her life, and this story really tells of a survivor and has you gripped in the telling of that tale. I found it a well written, heartfelt, beautiful romance, with James being such an understanding, kind and thoughtful guy who is patient to the end. He is every womans dream, and a hunk of muscle to boot lol! Full of steamy, sensuous, racy sex scenes, a real pacey read that any paranormal romance fan will love!

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LOVED THIS! They just keep getting better :)

-HEA-M/F-wolfy-hawt-will continue series

I hope there is a fourth book!!!

Loving this Series!!!!

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